Who Am I?

Shadyah facilitates transformational progression through physical, mental and spiritual balancing.

Access to mind-empowerment practices, integrating Eastern wisdom, via energetic Kinesiology, with soul-centred talk therapy and Natural Medicine, enhance conscious awareness to allow personal healing and growth.
Enrich your relationship with yourself, and in turn, allow expanding connections with others.
Move out of suffering mindset and into fulfilment with Shadyah’s use of esoteric principles and soul-centred approach.  
Activate sustainable results from the inside out.
Awaken your potential.

I knew I loved people.
I knew I loved watching and figuring out what makes us tick.
Thus, I found myself studying Psychology.
Everything was going according to plan, except for the major pain in the neck, thorn in my side, cruel affliction of debilitating Endometriosis – PMS on steroids, apparently, to the many doctors I sought cure from. But, alas, no one could save me from the monthly passing out, agony from the waist down, waves of nausea, bedridden for days, the list goes on. It was at a well-known Gynaecologist in Carlton that I found my road to emancipation, or thereafter, at least.
You see, he told me that in Africa, women start having children at 13, and that would have been my salvation, and since I waited so long (aged 21), I was responsible for my malady. My only option, apparently, in his professional opinion, was to have a hysterectomy.
I distinctly remember feeling the blood drain from my face, and the volcano of emotion churning in my stomach, awaiting imminent eruption. In the time between leaving his clinic, and walking to my car, I felt awash with anger.
I hadn’t even had a chance to contemplate if I wanted children and here I was being told that the choice would be taken from me.
Yeah, thanks, but no, thanks. Surely, there was a witchy-witch solution (remember, I was studying sciences, so alternatives back then were eye-roll inducing).
Two days later I found myself  at a Chinese doctor’s emporium of magical Chinese herbs (it was a magical emporium to me, anyway).
Fast forward three months’ worth of drinking his concoctions, cutting out acidic foods and practicing Hatha Yoga, and voila – all symptoms almost completely eradicated.
Now, don’t get me wrong, modern medicine is a marvel and has saved me on many occasion.
But it hadn’t worked.
Eastern medicine worked.
Nine years later, my first of two children were born.
And so ensued my obsession with natural medicine, herbs, and later, Kinesiology.
I’ve studied for years, a continuing joke with my family, the perpetual student.
It was only logical to me that in healing the mind with my understanding of Psychology, I would then clear and balance embedded stress in the body with Kinesiology.
Natural medicine and herbs added to my repertoire of understanding.
I had worked in training and development for blue-chip companies for years, later delving into the world of Medical Devices, working on the road, only to find myself the source of many friends and colleagues seeking guidance for their health concerns.
I tried so many types of therapies, diets, juicing, etc. on myself and recommended what worked for me.
Kinesiology gave me the tools I needed to tap into what would work specifically for each person I came across.
It would take years of life and field experience before establishing a clinic dedicated to my fields of study.  My former years were taken up with my own healing from childhood abuse, trauma, heartache, bullying and being an outcast, distorted self-image, and a myriad of health issues which have taken time to clear and work through before I felt willing to impart my heart and knowledge to others. Rebuilding myself, chipping away at who I thought I was meant to be, finding my truth, living authentically and reconnecting with my heart to find peace was inside me all along.
It only takes one or a few wake up calls in life to find ourselves searching for greater fulfilment.  This fulfilment only occurs through love.  Love of self is the healing formula.  This makes room for joy in your heart and peace in your soul. Now is the time for change.  If not now, when?

Begin now.


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