You’ve arrived.

You’ve awoken to possibility.

Your search for meaning,
and growth has led you here.

Shadyah Tony


Imagine a Life

Where you are free to be in the present moment; not triggered by the past; not anxious about the future.  A life where you feel peaceful and relaxed inside yourself, and able to respond to the challenges you face with strength and confidence.


Imagine a Feeling of Health
& Well being in Your Body

You sleep soundly and wake refreshed. You have energy and motivation to tend to your body’s needs. You are in balance, in tune, and in touch with your feelings and intuition. You know what creates health and you provide this energy for yourself and your family. You are a role model of health and self-care.

Imagine That You Are in a Good Mood
& Feel Light

You treat yourself and others with loving kindness. If you find yourself getting stressed or impatient, you take time to relax, reconnect and re-balance. You have great value for yourself; your body, your emotions, your spiritual well-being.


Imagine Feeling Vibrantly Alive
& Full of Vitality!

You teach others how to treat you with respect and kindness. You develop a relationship with a spiritual practice. You are creative and pursue your soul’s calling. You are able to feel the pull of your interests, and you actively engage with your creativity.

Creating Health with Kinesiology

You can trust the body, mind and spirit to restore health when given the correct messages and treatment.
Our optimal health is lying just below all the surface patterns of discomfort, imbalances and disease states.
Once this pattern of mis-attunement and disconnection is corrected, our health will emerge.
Kinesiology stimulates and may aid in this healing process.

Hi, I’m Shadyah

Holistic Practitioner in Kinesiology.

As a practitioner in Kinesiology, Shadyah will use her background study in Psychology and Natural Medicine, to provide you with remedies and suggestions as you go through your timeline of healing.
Using a skills building, soul-centred therapy approach, we will find and release the patterns, thought and behaviours that are keeping you stuck.
Kinesiology helps you change the energy that keeps you stuck in the same patterns.  Then, the benefits of ‘talk therapy’ (Psychology) are easier to access.

Connect with Shadyah

Shadyah offers sessions, by appointment.

Location: Rowville

To make an appointment:

Contact Shadyah on 0422 414 369

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